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8 Things to do in Coronavirus lockdown.

8 Things to do in Coronavirus lockdown.
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As coronavirus hit hard on all of the world, the panic among the citizens all over the globe is justifiable in coronavirus lockdown. With no such pandemic in the lifetimes of most of the currently alive people, many people are searching the web on how to tackle the situation. We present some amazing solutions about how to spend your time in quarantine.

Eat Healthy:

Developing immunity against the global pandemic is a must thing one should do these days. By eating junk food, the eating habits of many people are far from perfect. The simple solution these days is to avoid junk food as much as possible and to go green when it comes to food. Below is the list of items that you can consume to develop a better immune system against coronavirus.

  • Brocolli
  • Red ball Peppers
  • Chickpeas
  • Garlic
  • Mushrooms
  • Strawberries
  • Yogurt
  • Spinach
  • Sunflowers seeds
  • Chicken soup
  • Refined Sugar
  • Echinacea
  • Turmeric
  • Vitamin C and D enriched items.

Washing the hands regularly:

As the doctors along the globe suggest, washing hands frequently can help to fight coronavirus. The germs can be vulnerable if they stay at your hands for a longer time. Also, try not to touch your face as the germs of coronavirus enter the body through nose, mouth, and eyes.

Staying indoors as much as possible:

Like any other contagious disease, one must stay indoors as much as possible to avoid getting coronavirus too. Not going outdoor can help you to save you as well as the lives of your loved ones.

A single person can transmit corona to almost 5900 people as per the latest studies. For instance, the famous patient 31 of South Korea was the main reason behind all of Korea’s virus outbreak who single-handedly managed to transmit the virus to almost 5400 people directly or indirectly.

Staying indoor is the key here to avoid catching coronavirus.

Learning a new skill in coronavirus lockdown:

Are you feeling that you are wasting too much time due to this lockdown in this coronavirus lockdown? Are you a student who is about to graduate in a year or two?

Well, you won’t get the perfect time to learn the skills that matter in real life again. If utilized properly, you can learn some valuable skills online to increase your knowledge. This will surely help you to have a better future

Fighting the Panic:

Panic is the one thing that can drive even the sanest of people crazy.

Everyone must fight panic in order to be normal. Developing resistance against Panic attacks can lead you to have a better life in the upcoming days. Do you know how much panics have cost human beings in the past?

Who can forget the famous radio program in the New Jery, the USA in 1938 when the reporter announced that Martians had invaded the USA. The people rushed out of their homes, hit the roads in masses to go to a safer place resulted in roads being blocked. Many people went to hideout with their weapons to fight the so-called “Martians”. As the events unfolded, the truth became evident that the reporter was presenting one of the HG Wells fictional books “The war of the worlds” story. People who missed the announcement, in the beginning, resulted in creating panic.

Similarly, in Delhi 2001, panic broke out as people around the city reported a “Monkey-like” person attacking people at night. At least one person died by jumping off the roof, and scores of the people got injured. In a nutshell, panic attacks can result in tensions that can impede the functionality of human minds.

Pray Indoors:

Praying Indoors is a must option for every person who wants to pray in these lockdown times. As the governments across the globe announced lockdowns, the religious places are also closed, but many people are still going to worship places to pray, ignoring the consequences. 

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Rely on the authentic news:

With the emergence of coronavirus, another tragedy is evolving these days, i.e., Infodemic. The UN has also addressed the said issue and called it a more significant threat than the corona pandemic. Relying on the authentic news for updates can save you from a lot of hustle. In this regard, the WHO Mythbusters is doing a great job of minimizing panic and fake news.

Donate generously amid coronavirus lockdown:

As the global economy nosedive amid coronavirus lockdown, companies across the globe are firing people on a huge scale. The USA’s unemployment rate has already increased exponentially as almost 30 million people reported unemployment in six weeks. The daily wagers are the ones who are most vulnerable.

For this very reason, the UN has already said that coronavirus can cause famines of “biblical proportions.” If you are the one who has more things to eat, try to donate to the poorest people nearby to help them survive in this tough situation.

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