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Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media. How Does it Affect Our Lives?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media. How Does it Affect Our Lives?

The advent of media has revolutionized the world completely today, As a matter of fact, the social media, besides advantages, social media have its own disadvantages too. Let’s analyze some of the pros and cons of social media.

Types of Social Media:

Before analyzing the pros ad cons of social media, let’s have a quick look at the types of social media. Broadly speaking, social media has the following types

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp

A world without borders:

Today, the digital world has broken all geographical boundaries. While it’s not possible for everyone physically to go to other countries and make friends there, social media made it easy for us. A person sitting in the United States can comment on the pictures of a person sitting in his living room in Dubai. Similarly, the people around the globe can share their lives digitally with each other.

A hub of Knowledge:

Social media is a hub of Knowledge if used correctly. Everyone can have some great documentaries on Youtube, which can increase your Knowledge by manifolds. You can learn a quick skill in a week or two from Youtube to start earning online. Besides, a range of topics always gives you a massive piece of things to learn.

Getting a job:

By having the right skill, getting a new job was never so easy as it is today. Fortunately, we have one separate forum, namely Linkedin, for this purpose. Thousands of people get their dream job from different social media forums by contacting with different managers.



Instant and real-time news:

The reach of the audience to the news has increased exponentially since the advent of social media. It is almost next to impossible for anyone to censor the news in his favour. You can always find quick and real news from different social media channels.

Digital Marketing:

As social media constitute to the traffic of the internet users, it is always easy for anyone to promote social marketing. Companies had been trying hard and hard to reach potential customers for ages. But now having the right strategy is the key to success in business. You just have to know the basics of social media marketing skills to promote your business and to get the customers exponentially.

These were just some of the advantages of social media.


Like any other thing with its advantages, social media has its drawbacks too. Let’s look at some of the most significant disadvantages of social media.


Scrolling down from morning to evening, Sam is a 17 years old boy who is unaware of what he is doing for the whole day. The only purpose of his seems to scroll the Facebook for hours and hours. Can you relate your story with Sam? Well may of us can.

The dopamine addiction to social media is so severe that even some of the disciplined brains fell into the trap. Reports suggest that social media giants hire specialized psychologists to spike their business.

Time waster:

Forbes report revealed that 89% of the people admitted that they waste time on Social Media. The youngsters who are trying to scroll down Facebook or twitter for the sake of timely pleasure are putting their dreams at stake. Without realizing a profound fact that the time cannot come back, they are just another typical being in the crowd.

Media and the Hyperreality:

The concept of hyper-reality in media is not new. This psychological phenomenon is so prevailing that it is resulting in the human race to have some severe psychological impacts. Hyperreality is a phenomenon in which our mind fails to distinguish between reality and the simulation of reality. The pranks and the shows which seem real to human eyes are scripted and must be treated as one. Otherwise, this phenomenon can impact one’s spiritual, moral, mental and social health.

Social Media and the need for attention syndrome:

The seek of attention in one form, or another is pushing the youth today towards a strange syndrome, typically known as an attention-seeking syndrome. It is a matter of the fact that human being as an asocial animal needs attention. But the problem arises when their need turns into the urge. You will see many people depressing just because their random posts did not get enough likes on Facebook or any other media outlet. Similarly, youth may get depressed when they see that their friend’s photo got more likes than theirs.

Increasing Narcissism:

Exaggerating oneself and downgrading others is not a new phenomenon in mind sciences. The seek of importance for one’s personality is yet another prevailing mental disorder that is driving the nations towards chaos. This pursuit of ego and self-importance is persisting due to the excessive use of social media. This disadvantage is also directly related to the attention-seeking syndrome discussed above.


The leaking Privacy:

Do you know what does social media giants know about you? Well, the simple answer is everything. From the place you visited last night to the product you searched on google to the friend you messaged, social media knows everything. Did you ever notice that when you search something on google, the ds of the same products starts to run on your Facebook? This is due to the very fact that your data is being transferred across apps.

Well, these were some of the pros and cons of social media. While it’s never a bad idea to use these types of products for creative purposes, one must not use them for the sake of using it. One must make a fair balance among the things to make our life well balanced.

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