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Coronavirus to cause famines of “biblical proportions” warns UN.

Coronavirus to cause famines of “biblical proportions” warns UN.

As the world continues to see a rise in coronavirus cases, the UN warns that the virus will push the world in the famines of “biblical proportions” in a matter of months. These famines will push the already troubled countries into further chaos.

The UN warns that these extreme events can result in pushing 130 million more people into starvation. He further added that this could result in worsening the situation in almost “three dozen countries.” Out of these countries, ten countries already have a million of hungry people, said the Executive Director of World Food Program (WFP).

Upon urging the reasons for the imminent famine, he said that conflicts, Coronavirus, the economic collapse of the world, the decline in aid, and the nosedive of oil prices could contribute one of the most dangerous famines of th recent times.

The chief of WFP David Beasley further said, “there is also a real danger that more people could potentially die from the economic impact of COVID-19 than from the virus itself.”

It is pertinent to note here that WFP has also warned that the situation is most dangerous in those countries which are already facing the crisis of hunger. Most of these countries are war-torn countries of Africa.

In Global Report on Food Crisis which was released this week, WFP noted that the health care systems of those countries would be unable to cope with the gravity of the situation, which is about to come.

The said report mentioned Yemen, the Republic of Congo, Haiti, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, and Afghanistan.

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The report mentioned that almost 135 million people are still passing through the crisis of hunger in 55 countries. Even before this global crisis of Coronavirus, most of the countries were facing an extreme shortage of food due to droughts and other reasons.

We have to act wisely and act fast


The way Coronavirus has shattered the likes of the USA raised many questions that what could it do in the poorest countries of Africa and South Asia? If America and Europe struggle too much against the said virus, no country can survive the same level of the virus attack, if the world does not take significant steps.

He realized the need of the rich countries in getting the food to the tables of their citizens first before serving to the poor countries.

He emphasized the world leaders to “act wisely and act fast.” and said that “time is not on our side.”

Coronavirus has already crumbled the roots of the global economic order. For the first time in the known history, oil prices in the USA dropped below zero when suppliers paid the customers to take away the oil as the planes and vehicles around the globe remain stopped.

Meanwhile, Americans are seeing the biggest crisis of unemployment in recent times, and the business giants around the globe are firing the people on an unprecedented scale.

The chief who is one of the survivors of the Coronavirus expressed hope and said, “I do believe that with our expertise and partnerships, we can bring together the teams and the programs necessary to make certain the COVID-19 pandemic does not become a humanitarian and food crisis catastrophe.”

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