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India and Pakistan to ease lockdown tensions

India and Pakistan to ease lockdown tensions


India and Pakistan, two neighboring countries have announced to ease down lockdown tensions despite growing cases of coronavirus. A significant chunk of the people in both countries depends upon daily wages and are most vulnerable to be the major target of hunger in the ongoing pandemic

After almost a month, India announced to open retail shops on a limited scale, while Pakistan announced to open up limited commercial activities.

On Friday, India’s Federal Home ministry announced that retail shop can open up businesses with 50% staff, proper physical distancing with masks and gloves on.

All big shopping malls will remain closed until May 3, the new date of lockdown removal.

As the daily wagers were left hungry, the government has already announced last week to open the manufacturing and farming sectors in rural areas.

Unlike other countries in the world, the Indian government is also trying to make a balance between saving lives and giving livelihood to the poorest sections of the society.

Public transport and public places are still close until any further notice.

The total number of cases in India is currently at 25,000 with 780 deaths.


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Pakistan to implement “Smart Lockdown”:

Meanwhile, the neighboring country of Pakistan announced to move from complete lockdown to “Smart lockdown“, as PM said, in a bid to save millions of people dying from hunger.

While addressing the Telethon Charity raising program, PM Imran Khan reiterated, “As a poor nation, we cannot afford to have complete lockdown as the majority of our people are below the poverty line or are vulnerable to be one.”

Meanwhile, Pakistan also announced last week to open its construction sector to give daily wages to poor people. By giving incentives to the construction sector he tried to welcome some investment in a tensed economic situation.

Meanwhile, as the holy month of Ramadan approaches amid lockdown, the religious clerics of Pakistan announced that mosques of the country will remain open with proper precautionary measures. Despite doctors warning of catastrophic events, the government once again surrendered against the demands of the right-wingers.

Cases in Pakistan crossed 10,000 a couple of days ago with a current tally of 12,250 with 256 reported deaths.


Qaisar Sajjad, Secretary-General of the Pakistan Medical Association said on Friday, “Allowing the mass gatherings at mosques or markets may lead to an unmanageable situation as the country’s weak health system is already overburdened.”

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