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Types of Corruption and its consequences on the society

Types of Corruption and its consequences on the society

As per the definition given by the transparency international

Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It can be classified as grand, petty, and political, depending on the amounts of money lost and the sector where it occurs. “

Destructuring the word Corruption:

Before proceeding further, it will be useful to destructure the word corruption.

The word corruption does not entail only monetary fraud, as many people believe. Corruption involves moral, physical, intellectual as well as fiscal dishonesty which someone does to get undue benefits.

Let's discuss step by step that how each form of corruption plays its part to tear the social fabric of society.

Moral Corruption and social disintegration:

Probably, the most dangerous form of corruption is the moral corruption which can rip the society apart. Ever wondered why a robber makes a robbery and what urges him to do so?

Why rapists rape and, at times, do not spare children even? It is due to the very fact that their moral self allowed them to practice such a heinous crime.

The most important fact to realize here is that morals are not built overnight. It is the culture of the nation that shapes the moral values over a period of time, and the definition of morality may vary from one country to another. For instance, a girl wearing shorts in some south Asian country, say India or Pakistan, would not be considered of high morals but this is not the case in western countries. But there are some morals on which every nation agrees. For instance, no one considers raping, robbery, or lying ethical.

These are some universally accepted morals which if not followed, can create doldrums in the social fabric of the society, and the nations can get fail without even realizing that they are doing something wrong. This sort of corruption can be controlled by educating the masses and creating awareness in them.

Intellectual Corruption and the misery of the nation:

This is the type of corruption that is mostly done by the brilliant brains of the county. For instance, a doctor tries to promote a specific kind of medicine again and again just because he gets commission with the sales of that medicine is an intellectual type of corruption. Similarly, a teacher is not doing his job honestly in the school so that the students may get enrolled with him in the evening classes is also the intellectual type of corruption.

Remember, not every intellectual is corrupt, and the corrupt one is not an intellectual in the real sense of the word. This type of corruption can destroy the society as the people who are supposed to lift the nation do wrong things. When you get brain and knowledge, it is a person's responsibility that he use it productively.

For these types of corruption one of the greatest American philosophers Noam Chomsky said,

                                   “Moral Cowardice and intellectual corruption are the natural                                                                                  concomitants of unchallenged privilege." 

Monetary Corruption:

The most talked form of corruption is the monetary corruption, and this form of corruption can deprive everyone of their due right. It happens when governments use public offices to abuse the very wealth of the people for which they are entrusted to protect. This type of corruption includes moral corruption as well because it makes the nation bow down in front of others.

While there is no rigid way to measure the extent of corruption in any nation or country, Corruption Perception Index (CPI) helps us to have a reasonable estimate about the country's performance in tackling corruption. As per the latest CPI, this is the list of top ten most corrupt countries in the world, with one being most corrupt.


Corruption Perception Index (CPI)



South Sudan












North Korea






It is apparent to note here that most of the aforementioned countries are war-torn, where the institutional structure is so weak that it's effortless to bypass the legal system after doing corruption. Similarly, monarchies are also present in the list where human rights violations can stop the mouth of anyone who speaks against those in power

Likewise, if we see at the list of least corrupt countries, we will find these countries


Corruption Perception Index (CPI)



New Zealand










If we analyze the above countries, it is very easy to conclude that these are some most peaceful countries where the institutional network is so developed that no one can do corruption with ease.

This strong institutional network allows these countries to have a great future for their citizens, and their citizens can enjoy perks in every walk of life.

All of these facts suggest that corruption destroys the social and economic fabric of the country, and it can push the country into chaos.

Money laundering is also one of the most prevailing forms of corruption, where politicians launder the money through a series of tricky steps to bypass the system. This money is mostly taken into tax havens where it is used for various purposes.

Corruption in whatever form should be discouraged, and nations around the globe must enact strict laws that should be enforced to minimize this menace. Only then the world can have a bright future and vulnerable ones would be uplifted to have a great future.

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